Acute Fabrication is located in Perth, Australia supplying a wide range of fabrication welding, maintenance and site work services. The company was formed due a need in the Australian market for an adaptable, reliable fabrication supplier that works with the clients to ensure quality of service.

Acute Fabrication has significant experience servicing the Oil and Gas industry, working directly with the largest construction contractors to provide on demand fabrication services.

We have experience servicing the civil and marine industries, taking the lessons learnt from the offshore industry and applying them to civil projects. We have a unique outlook on our work, with a focus on doing it right the first time! This quality first approach ensures that you as the client get what you ask for delivered when you specified.

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What We Do

Pipe & Structural Fabrication:

  • Structural steel fabrication
  • Carbon steel piping
  • Platforms and walkways
  • Tanks and equipment fabrication
  • Welding (Aluminium, stainless and carbon steel)
  • Architectural fabrication


  • Structural assembly
  • Piping fabrication and installations
  • Expansions to existing plants and facilities
  • Equipment installation
  • ROV tools
  • Installation aids
  • Marine fabrication


  • Expansions projects
  • Demolition projects
  • Dismantling, removal and relocations
  • General plant maintenance contracts
  • Site works & Maintenance
  • Site installation
  • Mobile welding service